Daily Clean is a company created in 2008 to satisfy the wishes and support customers in the field. Over the years the market Daily Clean establish itself as a trustworthy and reliable partner, featuring with quality of the  service provided. The company is known for not losing their customers.

To achieve the highest results we do not compromise the following:

  • Attitude towards clients and the work – with respect, honesty, promptness, convenience, professionalism.
  • Staff -a  very serious selection requirements with the following personal qualities: thoroughness, discipline, perseverance, orderliness, loyalty, temperance, responsibility
  • Control – every one of our officer was hygienist who has demonstrated a high rigor and perfection.
  • Technical characteristics – we use highest class of professional machines.
  • Detergents – professional class
  • Competitive prices

Cleaning company Daily Clean Ltd. provides a complete office cleaning, building cleaning, cleaning of houses, cleaning of shopping centers, cleaning of apartments, cleaning the garage areas and other all kinds of objects. Including subscription cleaning, general cleaning after repair , complete cleaning, machine cleaning of hard floors, carpet cleaning, washing carpets, washing of upholstered furniture, vacuuming of floors, cleaning windows, cleaning the windows profiles,  washing vertical blinds and more.

To be most useful, we work seven days a week, 24 hours a day.


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